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Life Made From Scratch

Mama Milkshake
Me In A Nutshell
I wear many hats in life including those of: wife & mother, lifelong learner, hobbyist writer, curious skeptic, espresso addict, preserver of the harvest, accidental hula dancer, semi-failure seamstress, indoor rock climber, geocacher, non-fiction bookworm, craftster, and avid cook & baker. I am homeschooling parent to one curious, passionate, and energetic little girl and no, we're not having any more. Being a party of three is quite marvelous thankyouverymuch.

In the past decade I have called five states home & visited fifteen others, lived on both coasts, and eagerly anticipate more travels and experiences on this crazy journey that is military family life. I dream of an overseas assignment to quell my wanderlust and provide the Ultimate Homeschooling Adventure for my young daughter.

In my former life I was raised in a conservative Christian family which explains how I've come to be in my late-twenties with nine years of marriage under my belt and a 7 year old calling me mama. I wouldn't change my life now for anything in the world but quite a journey it has been from skirts-only wearing fundamentalist to born again skeptic. ;)


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